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Sharron Jernigan (Lead Artist)

There is ALWAYS Work in progress, I AM A NON-STOP WORK IN PROGRESS ***However, my goal this year IS to COMPLETE!

*****All Artwork on this website is Copyrighted or the Copyright is pending





Drawing Studies with students (Private lessons)

Gride Study with student  Grid study with student   color pencil study with a student


Clay Sculptures:

Maya Angelou


Maya Crack in the kiln

maya 1  maya2 maya3  

James Baldwin (Second attempt currently in process)

My Mother 2021

 Clay sculpture 2021

Painting - Finished


 Untitled Original completed in 2017 (24x36 inch Acrylic on Stretched Canvas) 



Rose completed in 2017 (20x36 inch Acrylic on Stretched Canvas) Still a work in progress


Still in process 2022