Sharron Jernigan (Lead Artist)

There is ALWAYS Work in progress, I AM A NON-STOP WORK IN PROGRESS 

***However, my goal this year to finish the following work!

Drawing Studies with students (Private lessons)

Gride Study with student  Grid study with student   color pencil study with a student


Clay Sculptures:

Maya Angelou


Maya Crack in the kiln

maya 1  maya2 maya3  

James Baldwin (Second attempt currently in process)

My Mother 2021

 Clay sculpture 2021

Painting - Finished

Title: Undecided.  Original Acrylic Painting 20x30?

original acrylic painting by Sharron Jernigan   



Goddess 2021 Original  (18x30 inch Acrylic on Stretched Canvas)                      


 Untitled Original completed in 2017 (24x36 inch Acrylic on Stretched Canvas) 


S.H.E. Original has changed for the forth time (work in progress) 2022


Rose completed in 2017 (20x36 inch Acrylic on Stretched Canvas)


Still in process 2022

Madusa (There is a love/hate relationship here)

Black Madusa 24x24 Acrylic    Madusa