ART - Online Visual Art Lessons - Pay As You Go (1 Hour Lesson)

ART - Online Visual Art Lessons - Pay As You Go (1 Hour Lesson)

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JFA Studio has created a series of drawing, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, and sculpting (oil-based, water-based, polymer and water-based self-hardening clay) fundamental workshops that concentrate on developing the participants current skills. Beginner and intermediate, and advanced drawing, painting, and sculpting levels are offered based on the participant current skills. The participants will purchase 1-hour sessions with a professional visual artist.  In the session, the participant will learn the fundamentals to improve their respective skills from week to week.

JFA Studio is dedicated to realizing your inner artist, by creating a non-competitive and relaxed environment that focuses on self-expression, creating awareness and fostering relationships. 

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Students will transport their work back and forth to allow them to practice at home as well. The key to improvement is constant practice in and out of the classroom setting. (practice along with commitment)

One hour sessions do not include materials. The artist will email you the supply list. Artist will contact the student via email to schedule sessions that will work for both instructor and student.