ART - Online Beginners Drawing Lessons

ART - Online Beginners Drawing Lessons

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JFA Studio LLC has created a series of drawing and painting fundamental workshops that concentrate on developing the participants drawing and/or painting skills. Beginner and intermediate, and advanced drawing sessions are offered at designated times that will concentrate on the specific subject matter. 

This course is designed to enable the student to learn drawing and drawing techniques. Topics to be covered include set up procedures, drawing techniques, lighting, shading, rendering techniques,  design, and layout methods.        

In this private online class, the student and the artist will interact in real-time virtually. Each lesson 1 hour. 

$280 The student receives 8 - one hour sessions at the student's pace. The instructor will contact and schedule the sessions with the student.

Materials list:


newsprint paper drawing pad for warm-up drawing (8x10 – 12x16); drawing pad (at least 8x10 - 12x16), drawing pencils, kneaded eraser, and 12-inch ruler, art journal 

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