ART - In Person Beginners Acrylic Painting Lesson

ART - In Person Beginners Acrylic Painting Lesson

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JFA Studio LLC has created a series of drawing and painting fundamental workshops that concentrate on developing the participants drawing and/or painting skills. Beginner and intermediate, and advanced drawing sessions are offered at designated times that will concentrate on the specific subject matter.

In-person acrylic painting lessons are offered at HCL @ 603 7th St, Ste 301, Laurel, MD

Materials list:


newsprint paper drawing pad for warm-up drawing (8x10 – 12x16); drawing pad (at least 8x10 - 12x16), drawing pencils, kneaded eraser, and 12-inch ruler, art journal, Acrylic paint set; canvas board (8x10 -  12x16) 

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